17 Most Luxurious Hotels Around The Globe

15. Hotel Plaza Athénée, Paris

If you ever wondered what it is like to be a part of a royal family, the closest experience you will get is the stay in Hotel Plaza Athénée.

Its location is in the core of the city situated in the 8th Arrondissement, right in the neighborhood where you can shop haute couture clothes in shops such as Valentino or Chanel. This hotel offers Louis XIV-styled suites for every aspiring royal wannabe. Experience très chic French lifestyle for 1,041$ a night.

16. Oberoi, India

Luxurious Oberoi hotel looks like an oriental palace from a fairytale or a Disney movie. Prince Aladdin most certainly wouldn’t mind staying here. Located on the banks of Lake Pichola the hotel is decorated in traditional style with towering domes and a magnificent garden in front of it. Each suite in the hotel has its own private pool. Guests who like to practice yoga can attend yoga sessions which are also part of the offer. Camel or elephant rides are also included in the price. The prices begin from 785$ per night and can go up for a more luxurious stay.

15. Jade Mountain, St. Lucia

The hotel offers an infinity pool overlooking the Caribbean Sea and the Piton Mountains. Between high land and bright blue sea, one can feel truly relaxed. Guests can be accommodated in one of the 24 suites in Jade Mountain. Each suite has its own mini infinity pool, and five special suites offer a personal Jacuzzi tub. All the guests must be over the age of 15. Price per night is from 1, 025$.

14. Four Seasons, Bora Bora

Bora Bora has always been one of the favorite destinations for rich and famous and Four Seasons hotel is usually their choice of accommodation here. This unique hotel offers a wide range of different types of rooms, from the classic hotel suite to beautiful thatched bungalow all to your preferences. Bungalows only look rustic from the outside, but inside are equipped with all the modern gadgets one may need. A one-night stay in Four Seasons in Bora Bora would cost you 1, 267$ per night.

13. Mombo Camp, Botswana

For all the lovers of a Safari trip, Mombo Camp is a must-go hotel. Right in the middle of savannah Mombo Camp is located, just a couple of feet above the ground. Why is that you may ask? Well, the reason is wild animals actually living here. The guests are safe above the plain where one can see every day a giraffe or a lioness and her cubs. Rhinos and elephants are also easily spotted while wandering in the hotel “garden”. The exclusiveness of this place is guaranteed because of the fact that there are no more than 9 suites available for everyone who’s interested in staying here. Price: from 1, 783$ per night.

12. Emirates Palace Hotel, Abu Dhabi

Built in the oriental traditional style, this huge palace offers almost 400 rooms and suites for its guests. Building it cost more than 3 billion $ and that’s without including the money spent to decorate the interiors! The hotel has its own marina, sand beach and every other facility one can possibly imagine. One night in the hotel’s luxurious Palace Suite would cost you 13, 750$ + 16% charges. For that money you are getting 3 bedrooms, dining and living room, balcony, butler and driver services included.

11. Ciragan Palace Kempinski, Istanbul

The name of the hotel is not misleading, the building once was the palace for the Sultan and his numerous family. Built in the 17th century this palace was designed for luxury. Ciragan Palace was made from white marble and it shines like a diamond on a sunny day. It is a vacation spot for many royals or celebrities. The most famous suite is Sultan Suite and for spending the night there you will have to pay 15, 500$. That amount of money gets you first-class service, including helicopter transport to wherever your heart desires.

10. The Peninsula, Hong Kong

The Peninsula overlooks the Victoria Harbour and the view is in the focus here. The most exclusive rooms look over the sea. The décor of the rooms is modern minimalistic with a dash of traditional Asian flowery patterns. The penthouse suite is the most expensive one in the hotel, located on the 26th floor. It offers you 24-hours butler service, your personal mini-gym, and transport to and from the airport. You can choose whether you want to travel by car or a helicopter. Night in it will cost you 16, 500$.

9. Ritz Carlton, Moscow

Ritz Carlton is situated high above the city, overlooking Kremlin and the Red Square. Staying in this hotel is the fanciest you can get in Moscow since all the important Russians stay here when in Moscow. Russian Imperial style is dominant and that is a truly luxurious (golden and red velvet) décor. Excellent service you will get can make you feel like a Russian Tzar for a day. No worries, all the rooms are equipped with all the latest devices you need to lead a modern life. Guests have a spa and library at their disposal to unwind and relax. If you do need to work there is an office available for all your business ventures. The priciest exclusive suite is 18, 000 $ a night.

8. Burj Al Arab, Dubai

When built in 1999 Burj Al Arab became one of the landmarks of Dubai. Its sail-shaped design portrays the modern and the hip Emirates has to offer to the world. Spending the night here can cost you around 1, 836$. But when in the city of luxury why not experience the real-life rich Arabs lead here. If you want to feel like the sheik himself The Royal Suite is the one true choice. For 20, 000$ a night you’ll get everything personal. A personal butler to serve you delicious Arabian delight and traditional tea is available to you 24/7. A personal stylist is also at your disposal, not to mention an elevator only for you and a 24-carat gold iPad to use it during your stay.

7. Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris

Hotel George V is located in the Golden Triangle district. For all the rich art aficionados the location of the hotel is a dream come true. But there is more to this hotel than its location. The decor of the hotel is kept to portray the golden ages of the French empire and 18th and 19th-century paintings are displayed everywhere. Like you’re staying in the Louvre! The furniture matches the decorations, being antique and in rococo style. Everything is topped by crystal chandeliers illuminating the space. VIP Suite price: 24, 550$ a night.

6. Atlantis Paradise Island, Bahamas

The Atlantis is Bahamas’ own resort island completely devoted to making your stay as pleasant as possible. It doesn’t matter if you are an ordinary tourist or a celebrity because the hotel offers both budget-friendly rooms, as well as exclusive suites. The most luxurious of them all is the Bridge Suite located literally on the 800-square-foot bridge! The bridge connects the two Royal Towers of the hotel, so you can feel like the king of both castles. Included in the price of 25,000$ a night are helpers at your disposal and even seven butlers. Hosting a posh party in Royal Sweet has never been easier.

5. Grand Hyatt Hotel Martinez, Cannes

Cannes is one of the top fancy places one can visit. When in Cannes don’t be stingy! Stay in Grand Hyatt Hotel Martinez and enjoy its beautiful Art Deco facade. The hotel overlooks the Bay of Cannes where you can spot the yachts of important businessmen, actors, and politicians. On the last floor of the hotel building, The Penthouse Suite is located. The size of its terrace is ridiculous 3, 100 square feet. Did we mention a Jacuzzi in which you can bathe whenever you want because its only for you? Of course, luxury comes with a price, and a night in The Penthouse Suite will cost you 37, 500$ per night.

4. Grand Resort Lagonissi, Athens

One of the best beach resorts Athens has to offer is Grand Resort Lagonissi. It’s located on a small peninsula, with every room overlooking the sea. Staying in a private bungalow here gets you a private pool, but renting a whole villa gets you even the private spa! Go a bit over the top and relax like a diva. Your own personal butler and the piano player are also at your service if you stay at the Royal Villa. A night there will cost you 34, 356$ per night

3. Palms Casino Resort, Los Angeles

For all the hedonists out there LA is the perfect destination. If Hugh Hefner can enjoy the Sky Villa of Palms Casino Resort, so can you. If you can afford it, of course. The Playboy Bunny logo is engraved everywhere and guests of this suite most certainly won’t be disappointed with their Playboy experience. The place resembles a bit of a Playboy photoshoot location with the rotating bed available for guests. The roof-top pool and fitness and massage facilities are also there to use them. There is no conference table in the accommodation and that can only mean one thing: relax and have fun.

2. Four Seasons Hotel, New York

From the Four Seasons Hotel in New York, you can overlook the whole Big Apple. That’s because it offers the highest hotel room in Manhattan – Ty Warner Penthouse. This suite is decorated in oriental style with rare Chinese onyx and stone crystals embedded in beautiful golden picture frames and mirrors. The grand piano can be played while the city never sleeps under your feet. Textiles made of woven gold are hanging on the walls making your stay there even more royal-like. Get in that Empire state of mind. A night in Ty Warner Suite costs 45, 000$.

1. Hotel President Wilson, Geneva

When you are important, rich, and famous, you can’t risk your or your money security. The Royal Penthouse Suite of the Hotel President Wilson in Geneva will make you sleep like a baby knowing that all your belonging are safe. Nothing can happen to you also because the suite is completely bulletproof. While staying here there are 12 rooms at your disposal, each with its own spacious marble bathroom. To stay fit and relaxed you can use the gym and jacuzzi. Of course, the complete entourage – butlers, chefs, assistants, are all available 24 hours a day. Feeling secure comes with no price. 65, 000$ a night is no exception.